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Selecting a domain should be done on a computer at any of the domain registration companies. GoDaddy I think may be the biggest one. Each domain registration company has a domain name checker usually right on the front page of their site for you to type yours in and see if it’s taken. They do try to help by listing suggestions too. You need to do this on the computer to make sure the domain you want to use is available. More than likely your perfect top level domain is already taken. A top level domain, the generic one word category of your business. For instance if you have a bicycle shop, would be the best generic top level domain to have for search engines. Because you’re not likely to find your top level domain available, you need to get creative and try using the actual name of your company if it makes sense online. Remember, your trying to use a domain that makes it easy to remember your site and is easy to find online with search engines. For instance makes more sense than although aubreyswheels would be just fine, it may be better to try your domain does not have to match your company name exactly. Lots of companies have different names online simply for the same reason. And yes if you’re thinking can I have more than one? The answer is yes. That’s leads to another topic of forward domain so versus a mirror site.
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