“The best way to give us a try is by using our free website mockup service. We give you a free online preview of what we can do for you before you pay us a dime!”

Flat Fees

We work on flat fees to remove the nickel and dime billing process.

Our fee structure is simple and includes the following:

Web Design Build – Flat Fee

Hosting – Flat Annual Fee

Training – Flat Annual Fee

Hosting your site

In order for your website to be found by the public it has to be hosted. You want a hosting company that utilizes digital cloud-based servers. These provide the best up time and usually the fastest loading time. You will find most of these companies have already moved...

Tips for choosing a domain!

Selecting a domain should be done on a computer at any of the domain registration companies. GoDaddy I think may be the biggest one. Each domain registration company has a domain name checker usually right on the front page of their site for you to type yours in and...

Use a blog

since this is my first tip through posting via email. I'm going to keep it simple and just remind you that when you're running a website you should have a Blog and you should put on that blog a article of influence towards what your website is about every day. Darryl...


We provide hosting on digital servers. Your domain does NOT have to live where you host. We provide hosting so we can fix it when something goes awry.

What is a domain and why do you need one.

A domain is the name of your website. It is the address used to visit your site within a browser. The domain looks like this:  //www.DOMAIN.com  This sites domain name is 2upnorth and it typed in //www.2upnorth.com All domains must be registered with a...

Training & Support

As we build your site, we do it under your complete direction. When your ready to get involved, we train you with video’s exclusive to your site. 


We provide hosting for your site on our hosting server company.

Your domain name does not have to move.

New or Rebuild

Your Site

We provide site design from the ground up. We also rebuild old sites into new comprable sites using the wordpress platform.  

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