Building Affordable Websites For Small Ventures

We Do The Construction ~ You Maintain Control.....It's your house! we are located in beautiful north Idaho

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Domain Name

The domain name is the web address you will use for your site. The domain for this site is “www.2upnorth.com”  Your domain address should be your business name or something that relates very close to it. This is required in order to have a web presence.


Your domain needs to be stored on a server that makes it accessible by the world. This is known as hosting. This can be a grey area. Historically, webmasters hosted the account for access and good business practice.  On large complex sites it’s usually required.

Our focus is on the small business/club/organization websites which should still be hosted by us for maintenance and upkeep unless thats something your interested in doing on your own.

We can help assess your needs quickly as to the best route to take.


You should have accessible content together that you want to have on your website. We assist with the proper formatting editing when needed.

Pages & Posts

Your site will more than likely use both pages and posts. Pages are the more static content while posts are your ongoing connection for viewers to see “the latest”!


We retain administration over the site until you feel comfortable to run with it. Training includes managing the content on the site and progressively being in more and more control.

Changes for the best!

Fast forward to today, things sure have changed. The biggest change is what you can now do online what used to be done on expensive design programs you would have to purchase and have on your computer. This old way made access & response time to getting changes done very difficult. Notice I said “getting” changes done, NOT making changes. Today you can make changes all day long if you need to. You don’t have to wait for a webmaster to to it for you if you have been trained to right way.

About Me

I started 2upnorth.com out of my interest in building wordpress websites. My frustration with building websites started before wordpress was around. I wanted to have someone that knew what they were doing build the structure of the site for me and I would take it over from there. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone willing to do that at the time. 

We Work Together

I build your site with your input and we make changes to get it right. Eventually, you will be making changes as needed when needed knowing you will have help when needed.As the saying goes, “your on your own, your just not alone.” I look forward to working with you-